Daughter Slaughter (suicidia) wrote in lifespark,
Daughter Slaughter

Oh no!

Both me and my mum had the same dream tonigh.
We dreamed that my grandfather died.
We discovered it by coincidence.
I'm so scared...
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Well....firstly, don't be scared about it...obvious advice, but. Dreams about death do NOT always mean death....remember the tarot 'death' is simply change. However, I don't know the dream (obviously), which would tend to shed light on it.
The other thing is also obvious - check on your grandfather. If both you and your mother had the same dream, it is probably significant - especially since it's about kin.
Ok, the above is obvious, and so somewhat pointless me saying, but. Bascially, don't be scared. If it does mean that he will die, then either it's cause he should, or you've been given the dream so he doesn't - or it doesn't actually mean that at all, and is something different.

Alastair's got a point. How did he die in the dream? Is it something you might be able to do something about? This might be your chance to save him.

*hugs* honey. I hope everything turns out right :)
One school of thought believes everything and everyone in dreams is an aspect of the dreamer(him/her)self, it is after all your own subconscious so that makes sense.

I don't personally believe premonitions come in sleep.
I don't have much choice except to believe it. It has done. And that's freudian, isn't it?