Alastair (alastores) wrote in lifespark,

I think I have an idea of humanities importance. Maybe. And please, don't just go 'that's a generalisation', especially because this theory isn't particularly sound.

Anyway, the train of thought started last time I was in London, when I realised that it SHOULD be almost completely dead, with maybe the odd area in the parks and a few people wandering around strong enough to feel, but that it actually wasn't. It wasn't the same type of power, not the same type of earth's blood that can be drawn up out of nature, because that's chaotic and primal (obviously), wheras this was structured so it couldn't be used.

After much random thought (most of it directed at what makes a place lose it's power, a line I then gave up on), I had the realisation (finally), that since fae usually cannot live without the primal earth's blood type power for long, it really had to be something to do with the humans (yes, it took me far to long to realise that. I'm biased.) Again, after much random thought, it came to me that they must be shaping that force (I would imagine with their dreams, hopes, fears and other cliche stuff). OK, just realised quite how cliche this actually is...sorry. But anyway, possibly humans are so important in the scheme of things precisely because they are taking the earth's energy and turning into beautiful things? Well, or are supposed to be, rather than simply taking the earth's energy and polluting her with it....

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