H. (bohofaery) wrote in lifespark,

This was the opening of an address by former-Archbishop Desmond Tutu at a conference called "Ending the Occupation" on the 13th:

"God is weeping over what he sees in the Middle East. God has no-one except ourselves, absolutely no-one. God is omnipotent, all-powerful, but also impotent. God does not dispatch lightning bolts to remove tyrants, as we might have hoped he would. God waits for you, for you to act. You are his partner. God is as weak as the weakest of his partners, or as strong as the morally strongest."

I know very few of the people reading this - if any - believe in the Christian idea of God (and nor do I precisely) but this struck a chord with me. I do definitely believe in some kind of infinite divine spirit. There is evidently more to life than the material world and I feel this could not be without some sort of eternal source. I call him/her "God" but only because of my upbringing, and certainly I do not ascribe to her (s/he seems to have more female than male characteristics to me, although obviously s/he transcends gender) the ferocious and distant characteristics of the Christian God. This article seems remarkably perceptive. Obviously the infinite source of the soul, love and goodness will have a certain amount of power, but I've always felt this was somewhat reliant on those of us who have a physical existence. I suggested to Anna a couple of days ago that God was perhaps a child, (for an immortal being, the life of the universe thus far means God certainly cannot be old yet) her innocence torn as she realises the mistakes she has made, desperately hoping our foolish race will listen to her pleas to right things. But she cannot touch it herself. Partnership is the right word exactly to describe it. Well, that's how it seems to me. Thoughts?
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