give it to God (ex_philosoph495) wrote in lifespark,
give it to God

hello, i'm new here. :) i found out about this community through a friend's similar interest, and was graciously accepted in.

my relationships with people, other than my relationship with myself, has to be one of the most difficult things in my life. of course, relationships are great & beautiful things, but they're so huge & important & vital that it sometimes scares me. i don't want to screw up.

i just always want to do "the right thing" and try to be nice and kind to everyone, but do you think there's a faint line of kindness that one shouldn't cross? like perhaps one should only be kind and altruistic to a certain extent because other people can take advantage of you, and even though it's often very superficial on their part, if you put up with this person too much or care about this person too much and let it affect you because you love them, it can delay with your evolution or what you need.

do you think it's ok to "turn the other cheek" or do you think that you should stay a bit defensive to "protect yourself" from the "real world"? do you think that truly happy and confident people don't have to "defend" themselves through putting up a barrier (ex: gandhi, jesus, etc.)? do you think that one shouldn't think about the matter and should just let it be and naturally respond rather than be aware?

i think that vulnerability scares a lot of people, including myself. and i think that often it's a matter of staying away from that whole "superiority-minority" complex (which nietzche also called "slave and master morality"). but it's so hard! :/

i'd love to hear what you feel / think about the matter. :)
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