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lifespark's Journal

a faery ring
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It's back.

I don't know why but for some reason everyone I know who ever had any spiritual awareness and lost it has started focussing again. Begun to reach into themselves, to meditate, to be aware of beauty and let themselves be inspired by it.

I want to celebrate that. To draw thoughtful self-aware people together to exchange opinions on the world around us. Anything from metaphysics, philosophy and ontological theory to meditational techniques, elemental dances or essential witchcraft. Any belief system is welcome so long as you're open-minded. In fact the more different opinions we have, the more interesting it will be. Here we believe in the subjective reality; everyone's perception of the world is different and each has equal value. I just think it's interesting to share.


This is a closed community because I'd really like to have courteous and meaningful debates, and not let it be ruined by arrogant or closed-minded individuals with no respect for the opinions of others. This will make it a lot better for those who are a part of it, so email me if you want to take part. I'm not going to be elitist about this so as long as you aren't blatantly intolerant you'll be added and can start posting straight away.


As well as the discussions that will hopefully be going on, feel free to post art or writing about spirituality, nature or any other relevant topic. However since this isn't an art community I don't want that to become the sole focus.

Come and lend your thoughts and experience to ours. Post stories, ideas, theories. This is a place for personal reflection and inspiration. A place to be beautiful in.